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(Gold Bears Tee)

Today in Fashion, step into the Entree Ls Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. Including an array of fly graphic tees for men and women, but not limited to pillows, bags and fresh snap backs, we admonish you to take a look.

See Why Celebs like Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa rock with Entree Ls.

It’s Pretty Fly.

Misunderstood since 1999, Entree Ls is a lifestyle brand that continuously builds itself off its ability to design and create original collections from start to finish. Born in Brooklyn NY, Entree Ls gained notoriety from its deep roots in skate, graffiti, b-boy and music. Infused by street elements, every obstacle team Entree has overcome shines through their innovative designs. Constantly inspired and growing, the brand is driven by its ambition to bring creativity back to the streets.

Melo State of Mind Tee

Big Head Teddy Tee

The BombSquad Tee

The Martian Tee

The Silhouette Tee

The Underrated/ Misunderstood Tee

The Martian Girl Tee


The silhouette Girl Tee


The Teddy Pillows

The Snap Backs!

For more info on the brand and purchase info, click Here.

-Stay Fly!

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