[Do We Like?] “Beatrix” by Rachel Antonoff by Bass…


Hmmm, now this is an interesting creation, but we’re not all the way sold…

This low oxford boot with lace paneling is created by designer Rachel Antonoff by Bass and entitled “Beatrix,” which is definitely fitting…

The lace trend has definitely been in these past few seasons, but to see it added to an oxford makes us kinda squint our eyes and scratch our heads just a tad. Normally we are 100% against white shoes of any kind, but the black lace gives them a pass…

Either way, Do We Like?

What would you rock these with?

Stay Fly!



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One response to “[Do We Like?] “Beatrix” by Rachel Antonoff by Bass…”

  1. jeans fean Avatar

    LOVE them,soft comfy,no break-in,the off white/cream is perfect to off set the black,and the feminine lace is just the right touches to soften the rugged boot,i might add the ‘lace’ is secure in its entirety,and a soft felt like pad on bottom sole so you dont ‘clunk-clop’ every step.Worn with skinny jeans first time out,then cutoffs with peasant top and vest rocked it!

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