[Short Film] Heartfelt.

HEARTFELT from Falara Films on Vimeo.


Successful people can usual refer back to a specific moment in their lives where everything took a turn for the better. A lot of times these situations can turn good or bad depending on if your ready to take advantage of the moment. The pursuit of a record deal is a common dream that a lot of young boys have but not everyone grew up in a home of twenty and lived through a near death experience on the eve of signing a major recording agreement. HEARTFELT is the TRUE story of Asahn Simmons, better known as Hen-Roq, who found his self trying to maintain a loyal bond with a best friend since child hood, but also trying to remain focused on chasing his dreams of becoming a Successful Musician. Starring Asahn Simmons, Tobias Truvillion, Bre Scullark, Tracey Dukes & More.



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  1. bodybybriscoe Avatar

    The acting was intermediate, however the story was indeed was one of high importance and relevance in society when it comes to love and heart break. There is always one person left holding on and it’s critical the means that the individual takes on their road to recovery. I also find it ironic the story of one man fighting to hold on to his dreams as another is struggling to let go.

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