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The Royal Wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London is of course the number one topic of conversation in the World right now.

Since this Country is a little different, I felt absolutely no excitement for this Event. *Yawn* I mean this is America, we barely get excited over Weddings, let alone a Royal one. I felt like I was forced to Watch it, and as I did all these Random Questions kept popping up in my brain. Like…

So it’s cool for the Bridesmaid dress to be better than the Bride’s Gown? Because Lil’ Sis definitely upstaged her.

Are they not allowed to wave like they mean it? Those Miss America Waves were blowing mine. I mean wave like the people came to see YOU, they did.

If there was ever a day for Prince William to spray in that bald spot, It was today. We wouldn’t have minded one bit. Well. I wouldn’t have.


I was a little disappointed that this was the best Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall could come up with. After that stir she caused? I was expecting Sex & The City, she gave me Duchess of Cornball.

I was equally disappointed in Chelsy Davy’s ensemble. Really Girl? She’s the girlfriend of Prince Harry, and she showed up looking like she was closing the deal on a mortgage.

What was your percentage?

A Congratulations is still in order for Prince William and Catherine Middleton, we wish you all the luck in the World.

-Stay Fly!

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