Idris Elba for The SOURCE Magazine…

The Source Magazine ( releases its May 2011 issue  with Hollywood star Idris Elba on the cover. Fresh off of his role as Heimdall, an all-seeing, all-hearing Norse God in the new blockbuster film, Thor, the English actor addresses the controversy caused by his character’s race, producing for Jay-Z and his evolution as a thespian––from a drug kingpin on HBO’s The Wire to a God in Thor, Get Ready.

Source: Your career has exhibited some serious range with the characters you’ve played

Idris: “I’ve challenged my audience. I’ve taken them from being a drug lord to a preacher to married to Beyonce to American Gangster…versatility is the key to success”


This issue The Source also welcomes home Prodigy, one half of New York’s infamous rap duo, Mobb Deep. For the first time since his recent incarceration, the Queensbridge MC speaks on his prison bid, the preceding decade of personal and professional turbulence and his new focus with seasoned music journalist Jayson Rodriguez.

Not To Mention a UV Vodka/ Source Collaboration featuring your Favorite Bloggers including Karen Civil (, Blogxilla (, Nigel D ( and Stuff Fly People Like’s Rae Holliday 🙂

The new issue of the Source will be on newsstands nationwide May 2nd.

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