Meet The First Five Crews To Compete For The ‘ABDC’ Title!

We cannot wait!

ABDC” is finally back, and in only a matter of hours, a bevy of talented crews will face off and pour everything they’ve got onto the dance floor in hopes of impressing the judges and, eventually, taking home the highly coveted “America’s Best Dance Crew” title. Check out the competition’s first batch of teams and be sure to tune in tonight at 10/9c for the premiere!

Crew: Eclectic Gentlemen
Hometown: North Hollywood, California
Members: 7
Their Story: This straight-laced group of instructional dancers (they’ve taught workshops and toured with musical artists around the world) want recognition in the dance industry for their unique style and freestyling technique.

Crew: IaMmE
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Members: 6
Their Story:
The global crew (members hail from China and the Czech Republic) has an impressive résumé (they’ve collaborated and danced with Justin Bieber, Fat Joe, Cobra Starship and All-American Rejects!) and feel they’re more than ready for a shot at the “Dance Crew” crown.

Crew: Phunk Phenomenon
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Members: 7
Their Story: This New England company of multiethnic and multicultural artists loves creating tasty blends of modern and traditional dance styles. They’ve worked together for more than five years and have made it their mission to bring the title of “America’s Best Dance Crew” to the East Coast.

Crew: ReQuest
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Members: 8
Their Story: This all-female group flew across the country on a winning streak (they just took home the 2010-2011 World Hip Hop Dance Champions award). Crew members say they dance because “it’s the only way to show how [they] feel.”

Street Kingdom
From: Los Angeles, California
Hometown: 10
Their Story: This co-ed California group uses dance as an outlet to escape from the hardships of inner-city life. Known for their high-energy style and explosive moments, they feel they have what it takes to succeed in the competition.

Stay Tuned!

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