I thought I was the only one who thought that too many categories were listed…smh. It was about time this happened! As a member of the academy, the ballot was such a confusing process to me.

The Grammys have completely reorganized and consolidated their award categories, chopping more than two dozen awards from the roster of 109 they gave out just two months ago (when Arcade Fire surprisingly won album of the year honors).

The announcement Wednesday means the 54th annual Grammy Awards will have just 78 categories, with no more gender-based awards in the highest-profile country, rock, pop and R&B categories.

That means these awards will be given to the best solo performances, regardless of gender. And some instrumental categories have been eliminated altogether.

The biggest change may have come in eliminating various sub-categories within R&B, gospel, jazz, rock, country, pop and classical. For instances, the pop, rock and country categories will now have four awards rather than seven.

This will most definitely make the entire process much better.

What are your thoughts?


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