For the last few years there where a Variety of naked pictures hitting the streets serving as promotions for peoples upcoming projects. Everyone from Cassie to Rihanna to Kanye and most recently Chris Brown have had their body parts put on full frontal display as ironically, their ‘new’ projects were weeks away from release.

Coincidence. We think Not.

Most recently Chrisette Michele and Chris Brown have turned to Blond Caesars weeks before their new projects to gear up a buzz of sorts… Enter The leader of the “Red Nation,” The Game, who has now dyed his hair red in honor of his upcoming R.E.D. Album.

The first single from his album “Red Nation,” is scheduled to be be shot with Lil’ Wayne tomorrow in L.A.

The funny thing is, I’m not sure if we care.

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

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