Summer, Summer, Summertime… It’s almost Summertime!! So for all you Christian Louboutin fanatics, we have a lil’ something right up your alley. From the Summer 2011 collection, Louboutin shows that he is more than just a sexy pump with this “Flat Gladiator Sandal…”

Made of  a rubber heel, braided leather toe ring , leather ankle tie , and leather lining and sole, and Louboutins classic Red Bottom, it gives you the demure feel of luxury chic…  And at $495, this might be more affordable to the pockets for some!

But the real question here is, WOULD you pay $500 for a pair of flat sandals that can only be worn for up to 2 seasons of the year?

Do We Like them that much? Or are we just overly infatuated with the Mass Appeal of the Christian Louboutin Brand?

Don’t get us wrong, they are a nice shoe, but certainly you could find an equally “nice” sandal for about $300 less…


-Stay Fly!

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