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Last week, singer-songwriter Mateo and Grammy Award winning producer Kerry “Krucial” Brothers released the groundbreaking “Love & Stadiums” mixtape on The internet is buzzin…

about the 17 track collection which features standout selections from Mateo’s “Underneath The Sky” mixtape series, newly recorded original tracks and unique interpretations of songs from today’s hottest artists including Nicki Minaj (Right Thru Me), Kanye West (Power, Runaway), Lil’ Wayne (Don’t Shoot Me Down), Snow Patrol (Chasing Cars) and more.

Now that fans and critics have experienced “Love & Stadiums”, Cambio takes you behind the mixtape in this video starring Mateo, Kerry “Krucial” Brothers and the Krucial Noise team. Get to know the genius minds that created the mixtape of the year!



“Love & Stadiums” is available for free download on Mateo’s official site

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Mateo Love & Stadiums

Mixtape Available NOW

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