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I just noticed they have Star Jones’ photo when she was overweight. Ha!

Last week, we finished off the episode with Dionne Warwick’s departure after Donald Trump fired her in the boardroom where she even agreed, she’s fire herself. Things seemed fair when everyone began to walk out the doors, but suddenly, Dionne flipped the switch and called Nene Leakes a coward. The two began to exchange words that were heard back in the boardroom and the holding room where the men were waiting the women to return.

This week, the teams must create their own personal pieces of art as well as decorate, paint and design a hat. These pieces of art and hats will then be displayed at the team’s art gallery show. The stars are allowed to call on their friends, family and call in all their favors to get as many donations as they can through the selling of their artwork.

John Rich steps up as Project Manager for Backbone while Marlee Matlin takes on the PM role for A.S.A.P.

John Rich makes it very clear to his team of men that all parties must contribute to the task in a financial way by pulling in funds from their friends and the like. If they don’t step up, he will call them out in the boardroom. No one seems to have a problem with the statement except for Jose Canseco and Richard Hatch. Jose doesn’t think he’ll be able to pull in the money because he doesn’t know anyone in New York and Richard doesn’t have friends that come from money like some of these other stars.

In a sudden turn of events, Jose asks to speak to Donald in the boardroom alone. In an emotional moment, Jose explains that his father who has been diagnosed with cancer has taken a turn for the worst and must depart from the show to be by his side. With that, Jose walks out of the boardroom and the men continue on without him.

Both teams go shopping for art supplies and head to their respective work rooms to get creative. While the women have having a hard time getting into the spirit of the competition after losing multiple tasks in a row, the men are having a little drama of their own. When Meatloaf misplaces his bag of supplies and sees similar supplies on Gary Busey’s workstation, he loses his cool. I mean he really LOSES HIS COOL. Wanna see what he looked like?

Once separated, Meatloaf realizes he just couldn’t find his bag and realizes that he has screwed up. The men carry on with their art projects and begin to generate some really good ideas.

The women get their groove together as we see La Toya Jackson make her hat in honor of her brother, Michael Jackson. She glues a glove on to the front of the hat to simulate how Michael would always tip his fedora and covers it in silver glitter. Star seems to be a little bit of a bother during the task when she decides to not focus on the art and more on the design and graphics for the poster, really getting on Nene’s nerves. It took about 3 hours for the paintings of the women’s team to touch down in SoHo! NYC traffic can be nauseating, but it should *NEVER* take 3 hours to get from point A to point B. As Rae would say, #UnAmazing

La Toya also donates one of Michael’s t-shirts that he has signed to the cause hoping to raise some big money off of it’s value.

The men start setting up their gallery and the paintings are pretty impressive and quite unique to all of their personalities. John Rich really turned it out having everyone sign one of his guitars and decorating it with blue and red rhinestones as well as painting some of his own cowboy boots. The men also all signed a hat in honor of their fallen comrade, Jose. Mark McGrath and Little John decide to go across the street to check on the women’s progress and find an empty gallery with only two hours remaining until the showing is to start. They are in trouble.

#TEAMHUSSY founder Dionne Warwick was largely missed last night, the viewers felt that she made the show entertaining and livelier. But just because she wasn’t on the show doesn’t mean that she cant be heard.

Ladies and Gentlemen, straight from the Broward Park Nursing Home, I give you.. Dionne Warwick

[these tweets are taken from a parody account, and do not reflect those thoughts by Warwick] (we hope)

With only minutes to spare, the women finally get their show up and going with only minimal people arriving to see the artwork. Marlee is sure she is in trouble. On the men’s side of the street, there are a ton of people attending the show and the money is rolling in for all of the paintings. John Rich even has some country stars come by and donate some serious money towards the guitar.The women aren’t doing too shabby either when three donations in a row come in for close to six figures each. Its looking like this may be a close race!!!!

One of John Rich’s friends donates a check for $470,000! That’s $30,000 away from half of a million dollars!

The women had a tough time in the beginning, but they more than made up for it, because they won the challenge- and they raised $986,000 compared to the mens $626,000!


First, Trump gave Marlee the option of giving the men a stay of execution and she refused — another reason to love Marlee Matlin by the way. She was right. It’s business. She asked Trump if she could have 30 seconds to converse with her team. Then Star Jones does the unthinkable.

For those of you who don’t know, Marlee Matlin is deaf. This is the Webster definition of deaf:

So why would *THIS* happen?

Her whole team is giving her the *side eye* Lesson #1 Star Jones- you don’t whisper to a deaf person. They can’t respond back!

Someone had to go. So it looked like Richard Hatch would be going due to the fact that he didn’t meet a lot of celebrity millionaires in prison and couldn’t raise money!!

So, Richard Hatch went home for not selling much, if anything at all. He really didn’t have the chance to defend himself. BUT- @FreshChrisLaw thinks differently:

Stay tuned next week for the showdown between NeNe and Latoya!



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