When Bad Style Happens To Good People: Keri Hilson…

Not as if Keri Hilson is a stranger to this award. At one point she was getting one at least twice a week.

But This bad, real bad, Michael Jackson.

This is a Hangover personified.

Keri looks funeral chic at Paper magazine’s 2011 Beautiful People Party. How ironic that she looks the opposite of beautiful? The Make-up is bad, the hair is bad, the outfit is bad.

Somethings Happening.

We will now have an offering in her honor, please offer as many comments as you like in the Comments section.

Thank you Kindly.

-Stay Fly!

8 thoughts on “When Bad Style Happens To Good People: Keri Hilson…

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  1. Keri did you have a track meet in a local thrift store? It looks she sprinted through a bunch of racks of retired ass clothes and ran to the red carpet. Like seriously? #Icant

  2. She is just all wrong. Hair and makeup are even bad so that couldn’t save her. She has never gotten this bad. I wonder what was going on with her that night.

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