Blind Fury sees right through his Competition…

Over the last few months, I’ve been hearing about visually impaired emcee, Blind Fury and how he has been destroying his competition week after week on 106 & Park’s Freestyle Fridays. After Blind’s seventh victory he, along with eight other battle emcees were placed in the March Mayhem pool for a month long tournament.

Seriously, This kid is Amazing.

In this clip from Friday’s battle, Blind Fury (from South Carolina) destroys Artisan (From Las Vegas, Nevada) to advance to the “106 & Park Freestyle Friday” Finals”.

Not that Artisan was awful, he was actually not bad. He was just no match for Blind Fury.

Yes, He started singing.

Jim Jones fidgeting like Laurie Ann Gibson During her run on Making The Band is absolutely #Priceless.

I’m excited to see where his career goes from here.


-Stay Fly!

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