Chris Brown; “This is my Sorry for 2011…”

Team Breezy has begun the process of Damage of Control for his “Good Morning America” situation, Chris Brown has issued an apology for his violent behavior, stating he too was disappointed in the way he reacted and wants to move on.

Dear Chris,

Let’s make a Concentrated effort to officially put this type of behavior behind you. In Other words, Get Your Shit Together! We understand the pressure and the effects this incident has had on your career, but in order for you to effectively move past it, you must officially forgive and forget. Not just yourself, but your enemies, and nay sayers. When this process is complete you’ll be able to handle anything that comes your way. Get There. This incident will haunt you for many more years to come, it’s not going away. You get over it by improving yourself and your craft and rebuilding the legacy that is your future.


Concentrate on getting solid effective help. Period. Then and only then will you be able to brush off all the negative energy.

Trust Us.

-The Fly Guys

Chris’s apology lands at about the 4:13 Mark


-Stay Fly!

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