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“We in America, safe as we can / we get on Twitter puttin pound signs #prayforjapan /and then we don’t even pray / just figured it was just a cool thing to say”

Translee jumps on Jay-Z’s “Minority Report” to speak on the Japan disaster.


Check out what Mr. Collipark had to say about the new Huntsville MC, Translee…

I got that next thing: Translee. I haven’t signed him; I’m just working with him, ‘cause I don’t wanna taint what he has. I believe in full expression, so I’m just kinda overseeing what he’s doing right now. … I think he’s what’s going on now meets what I do. And what separates him from everybody out there is that he makes me feel like when I first started listening to east coast Rap, but [he’s] not an east coast rapper. It’s like, what he brings to the game now is how I felt when I first started listening to other types of Hip Hop other than Luke and [DJ] Magic Mike. We always felt out of place when stuff like Leaders Of The New School or A Tribe Called Quest – all that east coast stuff was kinda foreign to us. So when we heard it, it was always like, it was good, but it was kinda weirdo, to the left for us. Well, Translee represents the first – to me – artist from the south that does that. But it don’t make me feel like I’m listening to a weirdo.Mr. Collipark



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