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When we’re not sitting front-row (or Standing in the Back!) at fashion shows, at an exclusive event, or Updating SFPL, we’re getting our snacks ready and indulging in our favorite shows! So if you Missed Sunday Nights Programming, Step into our Highlights from The Basketball Wives, Celebrity Apprentice and ESPN’s Fab 5


And this week has been a doozy already…


Last week on Basketnall Wives, we were on the edge of our seats after Evelyn called Tami “a non motha-f’in factor” after she admitted to sleeping with her husband back in 1999; and Tami proceeded to beat her like she was a street walker in ’89.

Fans of the show are asking questions like:

What happened after the fight between Evelyn Lozado and Tami Roman?

Is Evelyn really going to leave the show?

Is round two between Evelyn and Tami going down at the reunion?


As usual, Rae Holliday provided the laughs with his stellar commentary that included tweets such as:

Rae Brings out the best in everyone as you can see! @JasFly says:



Then we hightailed it to NBC to watch “Celebrity Apprentice” and the laughs kept coming!

These shows really make Twitter more entertaining and livelier!

This week’s task is given out in front of Madison Square Garden.

Each team needs to write a children’s book and perform it in front of a group of kids. They will be judged on originality, presentation and age appropriateness. This week Martee was quite over Dionne who was in charge of composing their team’s book. Dionne was very dismissive towards Martee, and an over all Diva. They ultimate loss due to their teams dysfunction, and it was amazing to Watch!

They will be judged by a woman named Marjorie (I didn’t catch her last name) who works in the business and Holly Robinson Peete. Eric and Donald Jr. are there to assist.

And as usual, Rae brought his commentary along with him.

And Rae brings out the best in his followers as @TrippleR and @iLuLuOnline chimed in…

(in reference to Martee’s aggressive and angry Sign language towards Dionne Warwick.


Juwan Howard. Jimmy King. Ray Jackson. Chris Webber. Jalen Rose

The final show of the night was Fab5, which talk about the Michigan Wolverines as freshmen in the fall of 1991, the greatest class ever recruited.

In their beginnings, the Fab Five were portrayed as the root of all evil in college sports. They wore baggy shorts and black socks. They blasted hip-hop music in the locker room. They talked trash. A lot. That may be common in this day, but 20 years ago that attitude made all the inner-city kids want to pick up a ball and dribble until they couldn’t anymore!

The only thing that was said was:

And it was!

The Documentary was excellent, it literally held us in the same spot throughout the duration of the program. We could hardly flip back and forth!

Stay tuned for tomorrow while we discuss Love & Hip Hop, Beverly Hills: Fabolous.

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