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A documentary on the construction of the new concept thrift store (ĭn | tər | ĭm) Film makers Neon Gorilla follow members of the art of re use organization around different cities spanning from Toronto to Buffalo with a first hand look at their philosophy on thrift shopping and moments leading up to the store’s opening….

Prelude to Interim (Documentary) from The Art of Re-use on Vimeo.

This is definitely something that we have been investing our time in here at SFPL. You never know what you may find in a thrift store, that is cheap, current and still fashionable. This video was such an inspiration to us that we had to share!

Directed and Edited by Warren Credo and Justin Create

Written by W.Credo, J. Create, B. Mackinnon, T. Carvalho, C. Eastman, A. Creary, S. Brown, R. Bowen, J. Robinson, Z. White, M. Kiarie

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