Friday In Fashion: B WOOD x HIMMY starring “THE FOAM FITTED”


Brian Wood and Himmy have collaborated to create an industry first. Himmy
is a Japanese brand that is owned by Combo who also founded the Tokyo
based boutique NUBIAN where Brian Wood has sold his B Wood brand for over
4 years. This collaboration is a first ever hat design by Brian Wood.
Together these brands have created an all foam hook and loop (Velcro)
fitted hat with a classic green under-brim that was manufactured by
California based Elm CO.
The Foam Fitted can be customized with four removable patches and has a
left side panel direct embroidery hit of a baseball with Brian Wood and
Himmy’s signature. The four patches featured are:
-        Khenti Power Fist (B Wood’s African Warlords collection – Spring 2008)

-        Strawberry Grenade (B Wood’s Our Ransom Is Love collection - Spring 2009)

-        B Devious (Featured in B Wood’s Night Stalkers collection - Fall 2009)

-        We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists (A new design created for the

The idea for the hat was first developed over a year ago when Combo and
representatives from Icon Nubian’s U.S. buying office journeyed through a
blizzard to visit Brian in New Jersey while he was recovering from knee
surgery. Since then, the two brands have defied all odds of producing a
first ever all Velcro hat and prevailed by creating a timeless one of a
kind customizable fitted hat.

The Foam Fitted has a 3/1/11 release date with a limited run of 150 pieces
and will retail for 8400 JPY / $100.00. It will be exclusively sold at
Nubian’s Tokyo boutique and online at and

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