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Tasha is unhappy that her son has been arrested. Derwin isn’t surprised- AT ALL!. Jason knows this is a Big Deal, and walks out on his date ( he leaves her with the check, I mean, this is JASON!). Malik could care less, and so could the Sabers’ new owner, who says they have all the right people “holding Sabers season tickets”.   “All you have to do is keep quiet,” he tells Malik, but before the sentence leaves his mouth, Malik is tweeting about his freedom. The whole scene is a perfect example of how athletes’ egos (or egos of the rich and famous in general) go unchecked because the people around them are more concerned with themselves and their bottom line than someone’s responsibilities and welfare. Athletes think they’re above the law- and when the law proves otherwise, an emotional meltdown is produced and then the usual rehab + community service combo follows.

Leaving his meeting, Malik runs into Jason in the hallway, who tells him he’s concerned. “I pretty much fully support you,” he says, but it’s only for him to get an exclusive interview. Malik sees right through him and heads home, just so he can be chewed out by his mother. She seems to be the only person interested in holding him accountable for his behavior, but he’s not listening. As she leaves his McMansion, she walks into Derwin, who’s there to check on his colleague. She is forced to warn him that being seen with Malik would be bad for his newly succeeding career, even if Derwin could be a good influence on her son. It’s as close to schizophrenic as Tasha Mask has ever been. “You can’t be risking everything for someone who’s gonna be going to prison,” she says, managing to scare him off. It was so funny seeing Tasha switch from her “manager hat” to her “mother hat” and they all looked like a “church hat”

Even Malik’s “girlfriend” Parker (the owner’s wife), (played by Meagan Good) warns him that he’s in trouble. She tells him there’s a conduct clause in his contract that says if he does jail time, he can be released- withOUT explanation!. She wants him to go to rehab, so it at looks like he’s making efforts. “No team is going to take you on right now,” she tells him, but he just continues to deny that he has a problem. This attitude extends to his interview with Jason, where he finally explodes complaining that he’s been abandoned. When you took away the big hoop earrings, ripped leggings and boots from Meagan Good, she can actually act. She’s not that bad!

Melanie (and several of his sponsors) are not happy- at ALL with Derwin being in Malik’s vicinity. Derwin is just as unhappy about being forced to put business ahead of his friendship. Although she THOROUGHLY enjoys all of the free swag she’s received- a FENDI hat, (which I need in my closet) Bvlgari riding gloves, Nike gloves Melanie shows him one of his commercials and their Essence cover, reminding him that they worked hard for his success, and that’s what he’d be sacrificing.

“Malik, you’re going to bury yourself if this airs. You’re taking it too far,” Jason warns him. Jason isn’t exactly known for having a censor, especially this season, so if he’s shocked, you know it’s serious. (BUT- it’s very UNprofessional to have him tell a staff person to keep the interview in a vault JUST IN CASE Malik commits suicide)

Malik blew up at his mother, Parker, and Jason, Malik calls Derwin and wants him to appear at his press conference. Mel’s a bit tipsy, and tells him that she’s not as bothered because she appreciates his loyalty. Although he told Malik that he’ll be there, Derwin doesn’t go to the presser, where Malik gives an apology and tells everyone that he’s going to rehab. The tears were literally rolling down my face in this scene! We here at SFPL are emotionally involved in “The Game” (lol) and we value loyalty amongst friends! The question is if he actually means it after all the lies we know he’s told. We’ve seen that he can lie with a straight face, so is he really going to take that leap? And even if he does, will it work?

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

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