FLY or DIE FLY’n…Kj Hamilton “Love Leaves”

Check out “Love Leaves,” from Kj Hamilton ( It was produced by JUDAH originally heard on the mixtape entitled “The Amber Rose Instrumentals.” Additional editing and programming was done by Kj himself. This is the second single off of his EP Aspiring MC, Vol. I which is due to drop January 31st, 2011.

Although he’s only 19, Kj Hamilton is a self-proclaimed revolutionary rapper, way ahead of his time. Born and raised in Georgia, this southern rapper has made his way up north, calling The Big Apple his new home. Still, he never forgets where he came from and holds nothing back as he shares his life experiences throughout the verses of his songs.Fascinated by the arts, music has always been his outlet. His passion is evident; his talent is undeniable. His biggest inspirations come from musical geniuses Kanye West and Andre 3000, while still praising the originators who paved the way. A fusion of the old and the new, along with Kj’s own vision, results in a creative sound that’s different from anything we have yet to hear. His determination proves that he’s heading to the top, with no intentions of stopping until he gets there.

SFPL says:

“With a classic track and melodic flow, this is most definitely a track to remember. A job well done!”

Here’s the link to the record below:

Kj Hamilton – Love Leaves – Download

-Stay Fly!

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