Jermaine Dupri Creates New Online Community

Super producer-turned-Internet entrepreneur Jermaine Dupri has launched a new online community, he announced today. The social network, entitled Global 14 (or “G14”), was designed and developed by Dupri to be the “coolest, hippest city” on the Internet.

“Global 14 was created because of the increasing trend of ‘social notifying’ versus ‘social networking,’ says Dupri. “Social notifying is when people share information, such as in ‘Hey, check out this website.’ There’s no conversation or expectation of a response.”

However, Global 14 is about establishing dialogue and making connections. “There’s no real social networking anymore,” maintains Dupri. “People just post updates without replying or engaging their followers. At G14, if you hit me up with a question, nine times out of ten, I’ll respond. I’m talking with people all day on there.”

In less than three months, the site has secured over 10,650 subscribers and receives about 100,000 unique visitors a month. Members “friend” and follow each other. They post conversations to their page which can be linked to other social media accounts.

“Unlike other sites, G14 is not about how many followers you can get,” says Dupri. “It’s about the relationships. ‘Friends’ should be your real friends.”

Celebrities who have already signed on to Global14 include Mariah Carey, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Nelly, Kelly Rowland, Bow Wow, Monica, Anthony Hamilton, and Kevin Hart.

Additionally, the site features nearly 500 discussion groups with topics ranging from dating and relationships to cooking, education, music and sex.

“I’m trying to encourage young America to get more involved in what’s going on with social media and the tech world,” says Dupri. “I want to show them that we can use computers for more than just watching crazy videos, posting pictures and reading about celebrities.”

For more information on Global 14 or to join the movement, visit

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