Nicki Minaj: Fashion Muse or Cartoon Character?

Nicki Minaj is currently in London on a promotional tour of sorts, and in what has become true Nicki Fashion, she has taken some Fashion Risks that push me to ask, what’s the goal? First and foremost, before the Barbie’s declare war, I must state that I am a fan of Miss Minaj. I’m all over how she has taken the title of female Rap stress and spent it into a pop phenomenon. I think its genius actually. I think she has studied her craft and those who came before her, and in return will be bigger than they ever were. Makes sense don’t it?

But these style antics? I hear the comparisons to Lady Gaga, but I don’t see it. I see the same shock value behind the outfits, I’m not sure that it’s spreading the same message.

Lady Gaga’s story is one of supreme shock value, but there in lies a story of art and complexity.  Her Video’s tell the story alone. She has single handily brought an interest to the art form of the Music video. You may not care what other’s are doing visually, but you want to see Gaga’s next Video. And when she show’s up in head to toe Vintage McQueen you can’t help but say, ‘She’s serious about Art/Fashion’.

When she performed her own version of The Phantom of the Opera for the 2009 Video Music Awards, complete with several wardrobe changes that represented different characters form the Classic Alice in Wonderland, I knew she was serious about the arts. She also focuses on being herself and distinguishing that she behaves the way she was born  to behave, that advocacy for individuality definitely backs up her outrageous antics.

Nicki Tho?  I don’t get it most of the time. Shock value serves its purpose most greatly when there’s a method to the madness. We could argue that it conjures attention, and some attention is better than none. But now that you’ve got our attention what do you want to say? This is Me? This is what I do? I wear what I want? WHAT? With all the Lil’ Kim comparison’s I’d just like this cleared up.

Kim, who’s whole image revolved around her sex pot raunchy lyrics made a living of shocking folks with her almost nakedness at major Events. At least she had a motive. And for what it’s worth it worked, she may have more tacky moments than classic, but she made her point.

Now maybe I’m a little bitter because I absolutely LOVE the plain Nicki! We live for the jet black hair, simple make up and a ban-gin shoe. Maybe I am just a firm believer that she will gain more fans with her natural identity, maybe I want to see more of this?

Hell, I’ll even take the Blond!!!

I’m just not into her true talent being blind sided by these over the top Cartoon Moments… Or at least I’d like to know, What’s the Goal?

What do you think? Fashion Muse or Cartoon Character?

-Stay Fly!

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  1. Nicki & her team are only doing what they feel needs to be done to keep her brand relevant so as to retain a profitable season with promotion & touring for her album. From the beginning of her time at Young Money, the outlandish, ostentatious clothing and rap style have been integral to her success and mainstream favorability. The Onika Maraj who came out of LaGuardia High School had already been exposed to this kind of free-thinking fashion and culture, why shouldn’t she have incorporated it into her shock value as an artist? And being that she’s winning sales-wise, who’s to say we as critics have a valid point to make about this rapstress?

    Mind you, this is all rhetorical semantics, the album itself isn’t really a rap album at all – more of a spoken-word & partially sung melodyned Pop project with hints of hip-hop and A-class artist/creator features, all of which has been financed by the label. That being said, the Nicki Minaj brand would need to be something that grabbed people’s faces by the jaw and force them to pay attention to her. As a New York rapper with that type of imagery, she never would’ve made the cut, but her left-of-the-road clothing and visual & audio representation make her a highly valued commodity in the present social media state of affairs. It doesn’t mean that music is great, but she is certainly working her angle to the best financial advantage.

  2. I am a huge Nicki fan, but Rae I could not agree with you more! Sometimes I see her outfits and I’m just like, WHAT THE HELL? Where’s the artistic integrity? What’s your motive? Sometimes her outfits are bizarre, but still constructed in a fashionable manner. And OTHER times (Like that cotton candy wig mess) it’s like where are you going with this?

    But we all know that as artists continue in their careers their image shifts and changes. Prime example, look at Rihanna! The girl had an average look when she first came out, and now she’s the Princess of Fashion. Guess we just gotta give Nicki some time…because I’m not totally convinced she’s “found her”.

  3. I think that it is very good that nicki minaj is being her self i like that she have her on unique style i look up to that thanks nicki keep being you love ya ghurly BARBIE

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