The FLY Verdict: Nicki TAKES London…

Nicki Minaj was spotted on the streets of London in FULL Character! I still wouldn’t call her the Brown Lady GaGa but she definitely aims to shock.

This is Simply Nicki, That hair though is #UnAmazing.

It’s Cotton Candy at best.

The Funny Thing is, had she rocked her plain jet black wig, this look would have actually looked good. It would have toned it down a bit.

Your thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

5 thoughts on “The FLY Verdict: Nicki TAKES London…

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  1. Rae I thought the EXACT SAME THING! That HAIR is #GIRLsit. If she would’ve changed it, got rid of those bangles, and just rocked maybe a ring and a watch to go with her chain, that outfit would’ve been great. Nicki needs a stylist, not to STYLE her, but just to help navigate her in her outfit choices.

    1. Agreed, I’m creating a post today dealing with that issue. It’s a thin line between high fashion and comedy. lol

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