The FLY Discussion: Keyshia Cole Fires Manny!

And Now I’m DONE!

R&B princess Keyshia Cole has officially canned her longtime manager and friend Manny Halley.

And if that’s not shocking enough, she took to twitter to seal the deal!

“Would like for you guys to know that Manny Halley is no longer my management”

“Someone said if the around you won’t change, change the people around you”.

Wow! Talk about putting your business in the street! Putting personal business on Twitter and Facebook is far worse than talking behind some one’s back.  And what’s worse is you can’t take it back. Even erasing tweets means nothing if it’s already been recorded. This could have and should have been handled internally.

We’ve all seen the dope chemistry between the two for three season’s of her now self-canceled Reality Show ‘The Way it Is’. It seems as if this could have been done in more endearing way. After all they were friends.

Of Course we don’t know what led up to this, and we don’t judge round these parts, but we do wish that this was done in a more discreet way.

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!





8 responses to “The FLY Discussion: Keyshia Cole Fires Manny!”

  1. RaeHolliday Avatar

    [New Post] The FLY Discussion: Keyshia Cole Fires Manny! – via #twitoaster

  2. RaeHolliday Avatar

    Damn, So Keyshia Cole Fires Manny … and then slams him on Twitter? … Sheeeesh

    1. DiVineStyling Avatar

      @RaeHolliday He was probably speaking the truth to her, you know people don’t want to hear stuff when they are in love! LOL

      1. RaeHolliday Avatar

        @DiVineStyling True

  3. RaeHolliday Avatar

    —> New BLOG: The FLY Discussion: Keyshia Cole Fires Manny!: And Now I’m DONE! R&B princess Keyshia … -Stay FLY!

    1. listen2Kevin Avatar

      @RaeHolliday I know I’m late in saying this but I really like the new layout … feelin official huh? lol

      1. RaeHolliday Avatar

        @listen2Kevin LOL Just a Little… haha Thank you SIR!

  4. Chuck Avatar

    Definitely dont think putting something on twitter or facebook is worst than talking behind someone’s back. Its actually not that big of a deal. Its other ppl and media that makes things to be more of a big deal to be honest. Its her descision whether it was person or business related and we should just respect it. Ima keyshia fan and respect how she runs her career.

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