New Music: Foxy Brown ‘Masacre’ (Lil Kim’ Diss-Full Version)…

Now, you know our thoughts on the cat fight between Kim and Nicki, and you know our thoughts about Fox coming left field and dissing Kim. We are good and over it.

However, not even we can deny the lyrical destruction of this track. Although you can barely here Foxy’s voice above this track (get that together!) you can make out all her words.

Take a listen without bias…

Bitch you was under that jeep when the shots flew off!..

I put my Gucci on like I’m Waka’s Mommy

I’m still spending money off touch me tease me

Ok Fox!

-Stay FLY!






7 responses to “New Music: Foxy Brown ‘Masacre’ (Lil Kim’ Diss-Full Version)…”

  1. RaeHolliday Avatar

    [New Post] New Music: Foxy Brown ‘Masacre’ (Lil Kim’ Diss-Full Version)… – via #twitoaster

    1. askcyo Avatar

      RT @RaeHolliday: [New Post] New Music: Foxy Brown ‘Masacre’ (Lil Kim’ Diss-Full Version)… – via #twitoaster

  2. UHH 'SCU ME MISS GWORL?! Avatar

    I don’t know why ya’ll rock with Foxx. The bitch has no appeal, AT ALL. She’s wack. What lyrical talent does she have? I DO NOT see it. Sorry.

    Instead of adding her 2 cents to this “beef”, why not put out your own music and see where that goes? Her and Kim are both wack, they have to buy into a stunt to get buzz. Ya’ll bitches are vets, ya’ll should know better than that.


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  4. InternSFPL Avatar

    I cant say that I disagree, I would love for them both to concentrate on making good music and less on each other, smh

  5. greendestiny Avatar

    why does she sound like that? Is it because she can’t hear? no me gusta Fox lo siento turn ya headphones up

  6. Robert Thompson Avatar

    Nicki Minaj currently has a multi platinum selling album and is on tour with my baby Britney Spears. Meanwhile Lil Kim and Foxy Brown are doing what?

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