Your not surprised are you?

There’s only one man that would need to be reminded of how he looks in a sea of ice every time he looks at his wrist! Kanye West turned to Dame Dash’s new Luxury Watch Company Tiret to design a watch built for a King.

The watch, which reportedly cost West about $180,000, is encrusted with 8 carats of yellow, black, brown and white diamonds in the shape of his own glasses-clad face.  Its been reported that it took the watchmaker more than five months to create the dial of the watch itself, which is made of a gold-colored mother-of-pearl.

No Further Questions Your Honor.

Following Kanye’s Example, Its reported that Usher commissioned the luxury watch company to create a one-of-a-kind timepiece with his face on it for the smooth price of $250,000.

Must be NICE!

-Stay Fly!

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