Amber Rose is the next Reality Star?

Just when you thought Reality TV was too crowded as is, Amber Rose is announced to be the next to ride that reality TV wave. This Fall VH1 will air ‘In Her Shades’ a Reality Show surrounding Amber and the Launch of her newest endeavor, her Shades line.

I mean, We guess…

Reality TV is definitely an over saturated Market. And VH1 has become one of the leading Catalyst behind this Movement has grabbed Kanye’s former muse to snatch up some ratings.

Amber will no doubt gain some viewers based on her ex- relationship with Mr. West. But is it enough to keep people interested?

We are Not Sure.

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!





4 responses to “Amber Rose is the next Reality Star?”

  1. theFlyPolice Avatar

    UNGH !!!!

  2. RaeHolliday Avatar

    [New Post] Amber Rose is the next Reality Star? – via #twitoaster

  3. Chuck Avatar

    You dont think it’ll gain views just based on the fact that she’s HOT!!?? I’m just saying.. I love a chick that looks good in tims..

    1. InternSFPL Avatar

      LOL, I think people will definitely tune in to SEE her… But when she opens that Mouth! I dunno….

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