Nicki Minaj Covers V Magazine…

Nicki Minaj gives off a tribal vibe in her newest spread in V Magazine. Check it out…

As you can tell, whatever shoot is givin’ to Nicki, she shuts it down completely! This is a very good look for her!

In this particular look, Nicki rocks a green Versace dress with a tribal makeup effect. You gotta love her! 🙂

“In the beginning I felt very controlled,“ Minaj says. “When you’re a new artist—especially when you’re female—everyone thinks they know everything. Everybody wants to be Daddy and feel some empowerment or joy when they can tell a female what to do. All girls are multifaceted, but women artists stifle themselves, or are stifled by others who tell them that you can only be one thing and you can’t change from that thing—that’s all you are. Starting out I can’t remember what it was that I had to look like per se, but I felt boxed in.”

“We’ve become a little family now,” she says of the Barb and Ken Barb masses. “My hard-core fans know that everything I do has been approved by me personally. That’s very important to me—and to them. Even though my team is mostly made up of guys, none of them would ever think about telling me what to wear or what to do with my hair. I ask for my team’s opinion, but they know that ultimately I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do.”
“I’ve definitely had hits and misses,” she admits. “But that’s the beauty of fashion.” She still shudders at the thought of her first appearance on BET’s video countdown show 106 & Park. “All of it, the hair, the corset, the Barbie accessories was too-fucking-
much-dot-com,” she says dryly. “I looked like I was blind for the day and just walked onstage.”


Nicki Minaj in New York, October 2010
Styling George Cortina

Dress Mark Fast

Makeup Peter Philips for Chanel
Hair Christiaan using Kiehl’s

Manicure Deborah Lippmann for (The Magnet Agency)
Lighting technician Jodokus Driessen
Digital technician Brian Anderson
Studio manager Marc Kroop
Photo assistants Shoji Van Kuzumi and Joe Hume
Stylist assistants Jaime Waxman, Gabriela Langone, Grace Koo
Makeup assistant Emiko Ayabe
Hair assistant Taku Sugawara
Location Pier 59 Studios, New York
Special thanks Tony Jay
Printing Box


-Stay Fly!

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