Top 5 FLY Guys of 2010: #4 Diddy

Diddy ranks #4 on our Top 5 FLY Guys of 2010 list, and with great reason…

People may argue that he’s a jerk, an unfair businessman, and always “up in his artists videos,” but noone can deny his FLY!

From suits, to jeans, to sweats, to kilts *side eye on that one though*, he oozes confidence in whatever he wears, and he does it well!

More pictures and why we think he’s #4 after the jump…

Sean Combs has always pushed the envelope in Fashion, and for the last 15 years, he has been one of the most fashionable artists worldwide!

He turned his own style into a Iconic Brand, and has gotten so good that very little he does is wrong.

Diddy is another artist who keeps it funky in his All Black Everything, and we must say, it works for him!

Diddy is also one of the artists who made it a necessity to own a good suit!!

He’s been very consistent with his fashion choices making him stay atop the flyest lists!! We’ll see if he makes it back next year…


Stay Fly!

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