SFPL’s New Music: New Boyz “Backseat” ft. Dev (“Fly Like a G6”)

Get in the “Backseat” as the New Boyz take you on a fantasy ride with their new sound! Check it out…

New Boyz “BackSeat” (ft. the Cataracs and Dev) by Warner Bros. Urban

The New Boyz decided to take a journey to the land of House/Dance music, in which they are trying to switch up their sound for #2011. Will it work for them? Most definitely! Why not touch on a genre that is very popular in these recent times. If the New Boyz keep up the momentum, they might just have a crossover record on their hands. But hopefully, they won’t get too lost into the groove and forget what genre got them in the position that they are in today. Dance/House music is kool but fellas make sure you squeeze your original Cali flavor in the mix. You don’t wanna lose that aspect.

Good luck fellas and congrats on the new track! It’s Fly!


The Fly Guys

-Stay Fly!

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