TOP 5 FLY Girls of 2010; #4 ESTELLE…

So, Fly Girl Estelle takes in the #4 Spot on this year’s Top 5 Fly Girls of 2010!

Alot of readers may not take notice to Estelle stylewise, but she displays a mature style that makes it extremely hard to leave her off our list.

Estelle can play both “dress up,” as well as “playful chic,” and for this fashionista, it works!

Although she’s usually in dark earth tones, She manages to step in a splash of color when needed, this cream colored dress rests perfectly against her beautiful skin… One look that solidifies her spot!

Her Shoe game is always official and let’s not forget how dope her body is… Estelle aint no slouch!! She might not display it like other singers, but when it’s time to put on, SHE PUTS ON!!

More pics of our #4 FLY Girl after the jump…

The leather jacket and gloves just does it for us!!

Here, she takes it up a notch from playful chic to nighttime glam… And her make up is on POINT!

Estelle’s style keeps on an upward move, so we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us this year!!

Congrats Estelle!!

-Stay Fly!






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