Monday in Fashion: Cavi Spring 2011 …

One of thee Most Important articles of any man’s closet is The Perfect Suit.

Tailored to Fit, dark or neutral in color, and ready-to-wear are the main ingredients. Often we look to higher end brands to bring these visions to life, but when a TRUE brand steps up to the plate and provides an option that can rival the best, take notice.

The Cavi Spring 2011 Collection is filled with plenty of gems to cultivate the closet of the fashion

We sat down for dinner with Cavi recently to view their new designs and we must say, we were impressed. Always a stickler for details, these pieces are perfectly detailed and cut to fit perfectly. Style should be Effortless, and with theses designs as the blue print, your wardrobe will increase in value as will your presence in the room.

This Season Calls for Suits, Blazer’s, Button-ups, slacks, cargo pants, monogrammed shorts and of course, YOU.

Step into  their News Letter for Updates on the new goods, as well as product info.

-Stay Fly!

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