TOP 5 FLY Girls of 2010; #5 Teyana Taylor/Ciara …

Fly Girls Teyana Taylor and Ciara tie for the number 5 Spot on this year’s Top 5 Fly Girls of 2010.

Ironically both ladies have a style that exemplifies the word Versatile.

Teyana is definietly a little more rough around the edges, but she’s also proven that she can be soft at the right time.

I’m actually a huge fan of Teyana’s style. It exudes New York on every level. Most native New Yorker’s have the ability to go from Day to Night Effortlessly. We’re born in the style Capital for Christ Sake. This Year Teyana has shown up at all the right Events in all the Right looks.

Looks that remain true to who she is, a True Harlem Fashionista.

Ciara has had some slippery slopes in fashion this year, but her consistence in the Shoe department definetly gave her that boost she needed to remain alive this year.

There’s no way I could sit here and blame it all on her shoe game though. That Body is AMAZING! and when she shows those Amazing legs it’s hard not to be captivated. Ciara started off the year on a great start by signing on as the fashion Muse of Givenchy ! This was no light task, with her amazing silhouette she tipped right onto the number 5 spot of this year’s Top 5.

This year Ciara recognized that Simple and Chic is where she excels and that’s where she did her best!

We look forward to seeing both Ciara and Teyana place higher and seperately next year!


-Stay Fly!

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  1. two of my faves hands dwn. princess confidence has grwn sooo much tht it shows. lately her hair,nails accessories and shoe game has been hittin it. no matter if we agree with the choices(which i always say) she killz tht shit..hands dwn BODY IS SUPASYCK.. no for my lil ma’ma TT( lil homie in my head)lol.. teyana since she showed up on the telly has been smashing. she does her ten imes over and thats whats refreshing…I LUAV TEYAnAS STYLE.. luav tht halem ,NY swagga

  2. Ive ALWAYS loved Teyana’s Style …. I’m happy she made the countdown this year, was a little Salty she didnt make last year!

    Ciara done well this year lol

  3. yea I love TT’s style shes my lil cuz n my head lol. I hope she really gets her music career goin in 2011. and for the most part I like how CiCi dresses.

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