SFPL’s ‘Worse Dressed Moments of 2010′ …

We’ve had some pretty #UnAmazing Moments in 2010 for Bad Fashion, let’s take a walk down memory road, as we take a look back at THEE Worse looks of 2010 (SFPLStyle).

Let’s GO!

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Remember when Lenny Kravitz was walking around Soho in thigh High leather knee boots with a wedge heel.


We vote no.

‘I’ve always thought of Diddy’s as quite the Fashion Staple. However, he missed the mark here. It’s was just too much going on, the kilt is enough without the fitted, shades, chains, vest and Blazer. I’m so glad he dropped the kilt and caught that Last train…’

Remember it was Kid Cudi who actually rocked it first, He wasn’t that much better.

We LOVE Fox down, But this should never happen agin.


We don’t know how to feel about that wet and wavy Ciara popped up with earlier this year. ‘At first we thought it was a tribute to MJ. We had reason to believe that Wet and Wavy hair stunts your career growth. O_o It’s like a Curse. Last time we saw Fox, her hair was straight and she was on a Red Carpet *progress*. But Ananda and Chilli… *hears pin drop*’

Ciara had het fair share of mishaps, remember she showed up on a red carpet in jeggings and a tank top.


And her tribute to the Lion King…

But Nothing beat Aretha Franklin Showing up at two events, two days apart with the same dress and different wigs 🙁

Ohh You Fancy hunh?

I really refuse to believe the Queen of Soul had on the same dress two days/Events in a row.

Here was our Theory.

‘She was rushed off to the Tony’s and quite upset that she left all her wigs at home. So she had the designer of the dress, design a wig real quick made of the same material as the dress! When she got on the Red Carpet, she realized how bad of an idea it was to have a wig made of wool, so she barked on her Assistant who rushed on a plane to go get her wigs. She partied all night like a rock star and when she woke up from her night of Patron andSwag Surfin it was time to head to the Apollo benefit! Her assistant came rushing in with the wigs and Aretha picked the best one and snatched it on, she didn’t realize she had on the same dress till she got there. Too Late. ‘

‘We Live for Kelis, trust me we do. But I mean…. just *sighs*

That Alexander McQueen heel is no Joke, But that Party City Pink Onesie? The Unicorn Tail and the Liberty Horns?

*Slips into a Coma*’

Avatar anyone?

I’m depressed. Pushing the envelope is one thing, pushing Ms. Daisy is another thing.


Please Don’t make us remember this…

But our Worse Dressed Moment definitely belongs the Secretary of R&B, Omarion!

‘On the heels of Bow Wow and Chris Brown releasing their newest Collabo, and Raz B working on his highly anticipated debut Gospel Album… Omarion has set to Upstage them all! The Secretary of R&Bcalled up the Gods of fashion, but they didn’t answer. So he took matter’s into his Own hands! The Singer and actor had a Celebrity Birthday Bash at Marbella Nightclub in California recently and it appears as if the theme was Coming to America, or we hope it was.’

Congrats Omarion,

You’ve earned it!

-Stay Fly!

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