Jay Z Drops $350,000 in Hermes on Queen Bey…

Mr. Carter paid a visit to the Hermes boutique on Madison Avenue, in NYC, on Christmas Eve to cop a few thangs for the MissesMrs. Knowles if ya nasty!

Jay-Z purchased a selection of Birkin bags and other matching items including purses and accessories.
Sources say: “Jay was in a private room of Hermes doing last-minute shopping. He had a guard standing watch outside.”
insiders say Jay actually canceled a lunch reservation and instead had the restaurant deliver the food to Hermes instead, As he continued shopping with his long time friend Steve Stoute.

It appears as if Jay wanted to spoil Bey after she dished out $2 million on a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport for his 41st birthday.

That’s Fly!

-Stay Fly!

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