The FLY Verdict: Sequined Uggs …

And just when the Ugg epidemic was slowing down… Introducing Sequined Uggs!!


Thanks to our Step Mother (in Our head) Oprah Winfrey, these will no doubt saturate the market in a rapid way that will surely give you a headache. The Big O featured these boots on her My favorite Things Show, and of course as to be expected they flew to the top of every fashionistas Christmas list and right off the shelves.

Now we do believe that these can be rocked in a pretty decent manner, especially the black ones-since they are more lowkey than the others, But will that happen? No.

What will Happen? A slew of Dust Buckets will no doubt purchase the gold ones, and rock them with shiny Moncler Bubbles, American Apparel Leggings, two-finger rings that spell ‘Pretty Girl Swag’, Louis Vuitton Doctor Bags and Kim Kardashian Lip Gloss. *hmph*

One of our favorite Fly Girls Angela Simmons tweeted the Black and Gold ones she recieved for Christmas. We’ll be on the look out to see how she rocked them, Angela normally does a great job.

Your Thoughts?

Fly or Die?

-Stay Fly!

19 thoughts on “The FLY Verdict: Sequined Uggs …

Add yours

    1. @RaeHolliday playing yourself with these…..pair them with some Jeggings and a tattoed titty for the ghetto bird look….

    1. @RaeHolliday just when we got them to slow up ugg wearin iN THE CLUB I CAN SEE IT NOW A SEQUIN TANK W/ ((GASP)) SEQUIN UGGS TO MATCH!!

  1. I think they are fly. I feel like to each his own. Some people don’t give a S&%$t what other people and wear whatever they want. I ordered the black ones. I doubt anyone is going to rock them with a double ring and American Apparel leggings because that is OVERKILL. The boots will work with understated pieces. If you don’t give a crap what people think then you’ll like these–They are out there but then again wants to look like everyone else–

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