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Looks Like R. Kelly was on that first train to Paris as his album sales nearly doubled that of Diddy-Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris. The R&B Crooner will land at # 6 on the Billboard Charts moving 150,405 units of his latest LP Love Letter.


Diddy and the girls didn’t do bad landing at #10 with 87,380 units sold. The estate of Michael Jackson and Nicki Minaj also took earlier trains selling 224,910 (#3) and 98, 458 (#7) respectively. Justin Bieber holds on close to his spot at #13 with 82, 503 albums sold, and Taylor Swift was the big winner at #1 with 254,996 units sold.

Stats on Ciara, Tank and Kandi after the jump…

Ciara comes in at a disappointing #43, with an unstaggering 37,940 units sold. I’m sorry but her promotion was terrible, somebody was definitely a sleep at the wheel. And Basic Instinct is really a solid album. Smh. R&B Crooner, Tank made his debut at #38 with 41,181 albums sold. Kandi‘s numbers were not released at the moment, we’ll keep you posted.

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