Looks like R. Kelly was on the ‘First’ Train To Paris…

Looks Like R. Kelly was on that first train to Paris as his album sales nearly doubled that of Diddy-Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris. The R&B Crooner will land at # 6 on the Billboard Charts moving 150,405 units of his latest LP Love Letter.


Diddy and the girls didn’t do bad landing at #10 with 87,380 units sold. The estate of Michael Jackson and Nicki Minaj also took earlier trains selling 224,910 (#3) and 98, 458 (#7) respectively. Justin Bieber holds on close to his spot at #13 with 82, 503 albums sold, and Taylor Swift was the big winner at #1 with 254,996 units sold.
Stats on Ciara, Tank and Kandi after the jump…

Ciara comes in at a disappointing #43, with an unstaggering 37,940 units sold. I’m sorry but her promotion was terrible, somebody was definitely a sleep at the wheel. And Basic Instinct is really a solid album. Smh. R&B Crooner, Tank made his debut at #38 with 41,181 albums sold. Kandi‘s numbers were not released at the moment, we’ll keep you posted.

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