We LIKE: TRON: Legacy in 3D…

Last night in NYC, SFPL were the proud guests to the premiere of TRON: Legacy in 3D. The invite-only premiere was held in Downtown Manhattan and was hosted by Charlemagne The God, who (among cracking the crowd up) asked movie goers trivia questions and they won Dope  prizes! Guests were given 3-D glasses to view the movie in its interactive glory.

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The outfits in this movie were siiick! It was like watching a intergalactic fantasy meets futuristic fashion show come to life!!!!

We are not sci-fi buffs AT ALL, but the movie was filled with visuals from start to finish, and it was dope watching a movie that no profanity at all! The story is about Sam Flynn whose father is a video game developer disappeared when he was kid, Sam finds out that his dad was actually trapped in a computer world of his making and takes it upon himself to rescue him. The movie is best seen in IMAX-3D, and it features some dope Daft Punk singles!

The movie had a brief yet sexy cameo from former ANTM contestant YaYa Da Costa who played a sexy android!!

Don’t forget to check out TRON: LEGACY 3D which hits theatres Today!


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