Seen on The Scene: Ciara hits the streets x and KILLS Ellen Degeneres…

Ciara’s been a busy body promoting her new album “Basic Instinct,” which dropped yesterday…

She was seen in the city after leaving a taping of 106 & Park… Dope coat!!

Check out more pics and KILLER PERFORMANCE on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after the jump…

Ummm, we get it that she’s not walking, but it is still FREEZING out there!! Her smile is even frozen!!

Still fly tho…

Ciara is a BEAST, she Murdered That performance!!! Pre recorded vocals and ALL!

Go cop that album!!! With writing production from The Dream and Tricky Stewart, it’s definitely a banger!!!


-Stay Fly!!

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  1. I’m sorry. I think she looks absolutely terrible and sloppy. There are so many amazing Burberry aviator jackets and yet she chooses to wear that? You’re promoting an album, take some tips from Rihanna and Beyonce and stun them every time you hit the streets.

  2. Sloppy? You obviously not familar with the term casual chic. She looks amazing. Jacket is crazy, boots amazing, and make and everything works effortlessly. Ciara is a winner, no question!

  3. For the first time in a long time I watched 106 and caught cici on air. she seemd to be sooo happy that it was refreshing to see her let loose and be her. Her hair game was on point (as it should) the coat was dope ass hell, jeans on point and the boots. They seemed a bit big but it worked and she pulled it off.. being me I feel she shoulda went with he Dsqured duck boot(insane)… so with that being said she didn’t look sloopy by far.. hope her cd does well,ill be getting it.

  4. @Chuck I am very familiar with the term ‘sloppy’ as well as ‘casual chic’ and she is neither of those. Furthermore, the 90s called and they want their outfit back.

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