FYI: CIara’s ‘Basic Instinct’ hits stores Tomorrow …

Fly Girl, Ciara (who’s 4th studio album Basic Instinct is in stores tomorrow) Twitpic’d herself backstage this morning at the Wendy Show. Rockin a Fly Pair of Thigh High-lace-up Christian Louboutins, she spoke about her new album and her experience working with Tricky and The Dream, who are the executive producers for the Album.

We don’t know what’s up wit the promotion for this album, but it sucks that it drops tomorrow and Nobody knows …

It’s a good listen, we hope she does well this time around.

-Stay Fly!

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    1. @RaeHolliday the music that i have heard from @ciara other than ride it.. has been wack ,below the bar and boring .

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