SFPL’s Artist Spotlight: @CocoaSarai “Grenade” (Bruno Mars Cover)

One of our favorite artist here on SFPL, Cocoa Sarai covers Bruno Mars’ hit single “Grenade” and she kills it! Wow!

Keep an eye on her ladies & gents…she is no joke!

Check it out after the jump…


-Stay Fly!



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  1. RaeHolliday Avatar

    [New Post] SFPL’s Artist Spotlight: @CocoaSarai “Grenade” (Bruno Mars Cover) – via #twitoaster http://stuffflypeoplelike.com/?p=50881

    1. GiFtheGreat Avatar

      @RaeHolliday Start your day off right. Check out Par-City’s new video “Motivation” http://m.youtube.com/watch?gl=CA&cli

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