Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys Leave the Grave and Adopt a Village…

Most celebs run from country to country adopting children. Not A-list hip-hop couple Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys (Fresh off the heels of Alicia’s Save a Life Campaign). Earlier this year, the couple visited a village in Soweto, South Africa to film a video about a mother living with AIDS and her daughter.  The couple fell in love with the village, and they pledged their support to build schools and other support for the villagers.


The story and Video after the jump…

Some of the villagers asked Swizz :”why were rappers killing each other in America when they have hot water, shoes, and money (things they have nothing of) and it widened his perspective:

“I’m just sitting there, kicking it, talking to the locals. Mind you, they have no water, they have no heat, they have no electricity, [and] they have tin houses. So I’m speaking to this one guy…and he was like, ‘This is beautiful what [you’re doing], but we have no water, we have no this, we have no that. We have no tools. How can we help better ourselves?’” said Beatz.

Well since their last encounter, the government allowed Swizz and Alicia to purchase containers for the villagers (ultimately allowing the residents to heat and water), and they started an education program, where the men could get jobs and better their village.


Peep the vid:

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