Alicia Keys is listening from the Grave…

Social Media corpse, Alicia Keys and Company are still $700,000 short of their goal to raise $1 Million Dollars for HIV/Aids. As we suggested they did lower the donation minimum, But they lowered it to $5 instead of $1.

Good Luck with that.

The reality of the situation is that if we could do better we would. This country is in financial turmoil and now is not the time to solicit funds from people who just don’t have it…

Just Our Opinion.

if you would like to donate, hit up BuyLife.Org

-Stay Fly!

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  1. So they all “came back from the dead.” They raised the million dollars. I don’t know how they got $700,000 from fans in a few hours when they barely had $200,000 on Friday. This idea was poorly executed and I hope these celebs fell off of their high horse because I could care less if you don’t tweet. I’m glad they did rais the money because it is for a good cause.

  2. Oh yeah…

    10 dollars ain’t a big deal to give if you believe in the cause. You guys put up sneakers and fashion articles that cost 10-100x times the donation.

    Don’t give me that bad economy talk. Every here got enough money to donate to a charity once a month… Easy!

    1. We also put up fashion articles that don’t cost half as much as the ones you mentioned, SFPL is for Everyone. The point of the article was that if you’d like people to make a donation to ANY Charity, you allow the giver to give whatever they’d like to give. This should be done without any maximizations or minimal amounts set. Thanks for reading!


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