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Hey Rae,

Although Nicki’s overall out fit was a lot, the shoes she wore on ‘Divas Live, Salute the Troops’ were FLY! I think they were Louboutins, am I correct ? And If I copped them what Should I rock them With?

Thanks Rae!



Your correct, Nicki’s shoes were the Christian Louboutin Change of the Guard Sandals. Definitely a Statement Shoe and when pairing these masterpiece’s with an outfit here’s what you do…

Keep in Mind that because it’s a statement shoe your outfit should ultimately point to the Shoe. For a day option, we suggest a Blazer paired with some boyfriend jeans. Because boyfriend jeans look best rolled up at the bottom, all roads will point down. You’ll make a statement without saying a word. You want effortless style *June Ambrose Voice*

A classic duffel shaped Bag like this Chloe Masterpiece would seal the deal.

Mission accomplished.

Such is also the case with an Evening Look.

We suggest a little black dress, or LBD. You want the the shoes to speak for themselves, and a simple dress does the trick. The LBD should hug your curves as this is a uber sexy shoe and requires a sexy silhouette to seal the deal.

A simple Clutch, and simple accessories will pull it all together.

Your all Set,


-The Fly Guys

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