THE FLY VERDICT: B.O.B @ The Grammy Nominations…

Okay so, we here @ SFPL show everybody, for the most part, love and are pretty accepting of the eclecticism of different artists and their styles… Sooo with that being said, let’s talk about the “BackPack Rapper…”

Sometimes the “Get up and go” look works, and sometimes it just doesn’t… The pieces B.O.B has on are pretty dope. I’m digging the Brooklyn Circus Varsity Vest, but with the cabbie hat, Vintage Cazals, and the ummm, raccoon tail hanging from his jeans, I’m not sure if he should get a pass….

Check out more pics of B.O.B’s outfit after the jump…

Hmmm, is he doing just a tad too much? Forgot to mention the plaid sleeves…

You be the judge!!

What’s your verdict???

-Stay Fly!

3 thoughts on “THE FLY VERDICT: B.O.B @ The Grammy Nominations…

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  1. There can only be one Kanye West. Come on, the raccoon tail so Kanye Pastelle years ago. He didn’t really need the plaid flannel over the button up too, but overall it’s a dope look.

    Think I need to check up on that varsity vest.

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