FLY-LIGHTS: Tracee Ellis Ross at Divine Design Event…

FLY actress, socialite Tracee Ellis Ross was seen at the Divine Desgin event Wednesday evening looking Dope. Her hair was styled in tight curls, and her fresh face appeared make-up less, just how we like it, A natural beauty indeed! Her belted V-neck polka dot dress fits her silhouette perfectly, and her brown stilettos broke away from the dark color to give a slight splash. That clutch brings it all together.


I wish she would’ve worn some earrings, but at least she’s not looking like fellow Girlfriends Co-Star Golden Brooks


Maya Wilkes! What would Jabari say if he saw you now?






3 responses to “FLY-LIGHTS: Tracee Ellis Ross at Divine Design Event…”

  1. theFlyPolice Avatar

    Golden looks Burnt!

  2. L. Avatar

    She looks an embalmed corpse at a janky funeral parlor…

  3. J Avatar

    I like how you guys broke down Tracee Ellis Ross’ outfit. A very thoughtful critique.

    But Golden Brooks…. She needs a stylist in the worst way.

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