Alicia Keys should re-think her Digital Death Campaign …

Alicia Keys was been quite the busy lately. She recently swung by 106 & Park to talk about World Aids Day and what that day means to her. She urged everyone to give money  for cures and research to BUYLIFE.ORG. She is spear heading a Campaing where she and other Celebrities will give up the Digital life until they raise 1 Million Dollars. Once they reach the $1M mark, all of the digitally dead celebs who have stopped using FaceBook and Twitter since November 30th will “miraculously come back to life” .

I guess. It’s the thought that counts.

So Far they’ve raised about $183,000.

Donations can be given through BuyLife.Org, a $10 Donation is the minimum. What they don’t understand is that once you put caps on the dollar amount it harms your overall goal. 1 Million People WILL give a dollar, that’s for sure. $1o Minimums will slow down the process. The Confusing part to me is with all the star power involved including; Alicia Keys, Usher, Kim Kardashian, Lenny Kravitz, Serena Williams, Justin Timberlake,  Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Hudson, Janelle Monae and more, why not just collectively give the One Million?


However, her post pregnancy bod looks FAB

And afterwards, she hit up the movie premiere for Biutiful, more pics after the jump…

BIUTIFUL in Black.


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  1. agreed! Also, it would’ve been effective if they had just sent out the link via Twitter and Facebook instead of being silent. I don’t follow any of the celebs participating anyway(don’t know if they thought about that either) so I’m not affected by them not tweeting.

  2. I totally agree with you. Millions of people donating small amounts would be a better idea. However, putting a minimum may seem wise on the business end. But this is supposed to be about giving. When you’re automatically told, $10 is the least you can do, your gift isn’t received with the right attitude.

    Also, when I first heard about this campaign, I was sure the celebrities would donate. Clearly this campaign is not well thought out.

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