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I’ll admit, I’ve been over R.Kelly since his trial. But I MUST Say he was GREAT as the Opening act for the 2010 Soul Train Awards! He Looked Good and sounded Amazing! The man has Quite a Catalog and I can’t deny him that.

I mean, Keri could have warned us… From the Girl-power infused Pretty Girl Rock to F*ck Me, F*ck me …. Yeah your message is a little confusing. Smh

This looks like it could have been the cover art for Keyshia’s very first single, no? Not her newest album, Smh.

I’ve not heard any new Michael Jackson songs that even sound finished.

His Catalog is Amazing, let’s leave it at that please, cause ain’t nothing iconic about what’s been released so far. Smh

I’m really hoping Jazmine Sullivan make’s a major impact with this new album, because it’s AMAZING!

-Stay Fly!

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  1. Yes R. Kelly did Good !!!Keri…BOO !!!! Mike I feel you all these tracks are garbage, God bless the dead! and Jasmine’s FAMOUS is that SHIT !!!!

  2. The underlying comment about Keri is the continuity of her releases. If she had lead with this “the way you love me” song. I don’t know. Maybe she should have saved this one until later.

    But hey all publicity is good or so they say.

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