LIL’ KIM Wants her Wigs BACK…

Bottoms up!

The original BarbieLil’ Kim finally “strikes back” (air quotation marks) at Team Skipper, Nicki Minaj in this ongoing feud between the two female rappers.

In a battle that everyone saw coming, the Queen finally puts her thoughts on wax in oppose to crying on radio stations and concert appearances all across America, well the 5 Boroughs any way. Lyrically we must say the song is good (there are definitely some gems in there), we are however-indifferent about the Pharaoh Monch Sample and her delivery is mediocre at best.

I mean I was yearning for some excitement with her flow, but it never happened. It’s almost as if she’s reading the words off of a teleprompter.


I must know your thoughts …

I just hope this equates to Kim finally releasing some good music.

This entire post was spoken in my Nicki Minaj British accent. Thanks.

-Stay Fly!

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