The Fly Discussion: Dance Fever at The AMA’s …

There was definitely some dancing fever spreading rapidly through out the 2010 American Music Awards last night.

Some Good, Some Bad and some ugly.

Let’s Discuss after the jump Shall we?

First Up, Rihanna.

Despite the fact that her vocals were getting better, her old vocals came back to haunt her last night. Vocally she was off, but she did make an attempt to step up her dancing and overall performance.

Did it work?

Maybe. It was refreshing to see her go back to her roots with a nice reggae routine but I needed a little more, and visually I don’t know WHAT was going on with that outfit.

Next, Ne-Yo.

Ne-Yo took a page out of MJ’s book with a mini Move/Performance/Medley of his hits. Did it work?


Ne-Yo has proven that he is the distinguished gentlemen. Let’s keep it at that. I’m a huge fan of his smooth dance moves and sharp suits, but last night was too much happening. We don’t need a full Michael tribute every time you perform, it’s too much. Keep it simple. Not too mention I can’t deal with Ne-Yo pulling a Ryan Leslie with all that taco meat on full display at the end of the performance.

Last up, Usher.

As was the tone of the night, Usher went tone death when he hit the stage. Those vocals where squeaky and shameful. That Choreography was great, and his consistent James Brown shimmy wasn’t to shabby (somebody’s been watching Janelle Monae tho, *side-eye*) but over all this was a night that lip synching would have been greatly appreciated. I did appreciate the full out block party on stage, but i would have appreciated some clean vocals even more.

Your Thoughts?

-Stay Fly!

-Stay Fly!

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  1. I actually didn’t mind Rihanna’s performance. Can her vocals improve? Definitely. Is she the next Fly Girl on In Living Colour? Not yet, but I saw improvement. There was stage presence and I didn’t yawn or have to cover my ears once.

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